HUMHEALTH offers a range of products CCM, AWV and RPM for effective patient engagement and care management. When a patient is enrolled into multiple programs, it gives a holistic view of the patient’s health, which aids in providing quality care thereby increasing patient satisfaction

Web Features

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Comprehensive Care Plan

Care plan can be captured through a simplified Data Entry process either from paper or from EMR

Non Face to Face Interaction

Non-Face-to-Face Interaction

Clinicians will use customized disease specific questionnaire to capture responses during the interaction.

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Support for Billing

Record the time spent on various activities that can be accounted for non-face-to-face interaction.

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Patient self-assessment data is captured through the mobile app and synchronized with the web application in real time. Synchronized data can be used by clinicians and physicians for making decisions.

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Call Summary

Clinicians create a call summary with separate notes for physicians and patients. Physicians can add their recommendations to the call summary.

Mobile Features

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Self Assessment

Patients can record their self assessment data (Vitals, Symptoms, Physical Activities, Diet)

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Care Plan

Patients can view their updated care plan using the mobile app

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OTC Medication

Patients can track their medication and set reminder for the OTC medication

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Call Summary

Patients can also view the call summary

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Monitoring the Vitals Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Pulse, BMI and Pulse Oximetry to manage Chronic Conditions
  • Vital threshold can be configured at practice and patient levels
  • Detailed and Summary Reporting for easy billing
  • Data transmission through Bluetooth connected device, 3G and 4G network

  • Automated Alert feature to Physician, Clinician and Caregivers
  • Supports CPT codes 99453, 99454 and 99457 and 99458
  • Patient daily schedule can be defined from Wake-up to Bedtime

  • User-friendly software to improve quality of care
  • HIPAA Compliant Software

Our Pricing

  • Option 1: $95 for each Billing Practitioner per month includes unlimited Patients.

  • Option 2: $100 for Healthcare Call Centers per account per month includes 200 Active Patients.

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Our Client Testimonials

I am a solo practitioner, internist, and I started using HUMHEALTH for CCM care about one year ago. I had previously used, a CCM program that was integrated with my previous EMR. I found that the costlier programs still involved having to enter CCM minutes, as "structured data". With HUMHEALTH, I just enter minutes directly into that program. My overhead was decreased substantially, and I have more than doubled my CCM minutes, and billable CCM patients. Support is great. This is a simple effective program and I highly recommend HUMHEALTH for CCM management.

Dr. Javier A Valadez InternistSunset Clinic PA, Dallas, TX

HUMHEALTH helps individual providers and practices to leverage Medicare's Chronic Care Management services to

Our solution assists physicians to monitor patients remotely and simplifies the management of chronic care patients. With our solution at the forefront, physicians can improve the quality of care to the patients as well as get paid for the non-face-to-face services under the CMS CCM program with CPT codes 99490, 99487 and 99489.

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